Badlands Enduro Jacket
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Badlands Enduro Jacket

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A combination of the best performing technical fabrics from the world of mountaineering with Badlands quality and 4X Scent Containment Technology. The Enduro Jacket is one of the finest mid weight performance jackets ever built. Tailored for freedom of movement and agility, The Enduro like its name sake, will take you across any terrain and has a list a features that include.

  • Soft Shell Construction
  • 4-X Scent Containment™
  • Kevlar Reinforced Wear Areas
  • Integrated Air Vents


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 Realtree AP





  • All Badlands 4-X fabric used in our hunting clothing is coated Silver on the inside and the outside. It has been known for centuries that this precious metal attacks and destroys microbes and bacteria. 


  • Using a technique we call Bio-Mapping we determine the areas where the human body sweats and produces the most odor. In these key locations, we chose fabrics made from Bamboo and Coffee. “What and What, you say?” Yes, Bamboo and Coffee have an incredible ability to kill bacteria and absorb odors. So we thought "why not use it in our hunting clothing?" When converted into fabrics, these organic materials also produce some of the softest, best wicking, environmentally friendly textiles known to man. The fact is: Since they occur as a natural property, even over time, neither Coffee nor Bamboo will lose their ability to perform vital duties. Unlike topical sprays and carbon, which degrade with each wash. 


  • The odor which carries while escaping from your sleeve cuffs, neck and torso area sends a nasty message to animals-that “things are not going to end well”. This problem can never be stopped completely. However, we have devised a little method called Scent Gasketing. In theory, by lining these escape routes with our Bamboo and Coffee fabrics, much of the air is “scrubbed” as it leaches the garment thus managing odor more effectively. 

 Dupont Water Repellant

  • Dupont Teflon is simply the highest quality water repellent money can buy. This translates into keeping you warm and dry in the best manner available.


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